Still Got the Blues-Gary Moore Tribute (Bilbozo, Buddrumming, David Deal, Pete Tebar, Scott Macleod)

genre: Blues
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creation date: 2012-09-01

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This was a collab to pay tribute to thew Late Great Gary Moore.  I had the opportunity to collab with all of the talented gentlemen on several occasions....
Still Got the Blues-Gary Moore Tribute (Bilbozo, Buddrumming, David Deal, Pete Tebar, Scott Macleod)
Barefoot Music
08/07/18 06:01:51AM @barefoot-music-group:
One word: Impeccable!
04/05/17 03:48:44AM @cooter:
Mighty nicely done, Bill and gents. I can;t believe I didn't comment, I remember when you put this up. Mighty fine.
08/13/16 06:55:49AM @kephas:
Awesome work here guys!!!
Paul Oakley
11/17/13 06:25:05AM @paul-oakley:
One of my favourite songs from the master of angst and emotion. A good tribute to a sadly missed and amazing guitarist.
11/16/13 03:44:09PM @mike-kohlgraf:
First class, guys!!!!!!!!!!!
09/04/12 01:28:42PM @kalola-kiss:
Most excellent Blues song. Congratulations each one of you on a beautiful piece of music.
09/02/12 01:15:03PM @josephrodz:
Dont know but this is better than Gary Moore tune!
Im really glad and honored to know these awesome musicians.

09/02/12 05:24:57AM @joyfulwave:
wow...this is a great cover and guys did an awesome job...*****
09/01/12 10:27:11PM @marie-dailly:
Absolutely fantastic!
I got goosebumps listening to this & I totally love it!
Superb collab, perfect in every way! :)

user image
01/27/13 10:05:48AM @:
Uh Oh...This Pete Tebar has some PPPPIPES!! Wow...another mega collab right here! I love hearing music like this. Pete has that soulful lining to his tone that you know I get a kick out of. All my buddies are on this one too. David, Bud, Scott...this is a great tribute. I have to find out more about this Pete Tebar...curious now, lol. Bud, I am falling over at your guitar work here. Fantastic! To answer the question of whether you did any justice here...the answer is OOOOOHHH YESSSS!! And some...cheers!


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