Matter of Time - Bilbozo Ft. Shannon Hurley

genre: Pop
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creation date: 2018-03-05

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I put on my acoustic and electric guitar, warmed up the keyboard and put this song together. Lyrics and vocals courtesy of Shannon Hurley (Pella from...
Matter of Time - Bilbozo Ft. Shannon Hurley
03/06/18 04:51:42PM @tlt50:
Bill......this tune blew me away last night. Pristine music and production.... I rarely compare vocalists to others. However....this was so fascinating, and YES, Sade vibes for sure. Shannon's vocals were oh so yummy.... :) Outstanding listen... what an awesome Collab. Pure class.

Larry T

Farrell Jackson
03/06/18 10:37:44AM @farrell-jackson:
Mellow and laid back is good to give us a listen to the ebb and tide of your range of music Bill. Shannon Hurley adds an excellent voice to your song. I heard this on Larry T's DJ show last night and it's a nice one!



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