Love Won't Leave Me Alone - John Schlitt, Bilbozo & Buddrumming

genre: Rock
streams: 285
creation date: 2013-06-29

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This was a song entry for a remix contest for John Schlitt on Acidplanet.  It never placed but I thought it would be worth posting.  While most other entries...
Love Won't Leave Me  Alone - John Schlitt, Bilbozo & Buddrumming
09/17/20 12:07:28PM @jimsae:
This is the coolest song... Heavy and has more hooks in it than my tackle box! I love it!
10/13/14 12:44:31AM @vig-wig:
One of my all time favorites. A classic. You guys did kick azz on this one what a hooker delight: music, lyrics and sung hooks.
06/30/13 10:35:49PM @david-c-deal:
Wow, this song is just about "perfect" to my ears. Nobody mentioned the cool organ work so I thought I might, "the organ sounds great". Bill and gang, you are all superb.
Farrell Jackson
06/30/13 10:17:12AM @farrell-jackson:
Excellence by all involved! It's got everything I listen for in a rock song...good lyric, vocals, rock beat, good guitar, drums, bass, plus a little extra with the harmonica. Sort of a meld of the Eagles and A/C D/C. Well done all....this rocks!


07/01/13 01:04:49PM @cooter:
Sounds like arse-kickin name-takin rock-n-roll to me. I like arse-kickin name-takin rock-n-roll. I love this.

Killer tune, guys.


07/01/13 06:58:00PM @bigpete:
swampy blues hard rock I love it, great performance all around, great production.
06/30/13 04:30:02PM @tlt50:
BroZo.... Damn' man....the harp...awesome. Superbly crafted tune. Kick-ass guitar work,Bud , super fine with the drums...The vocalist was amazing. Outstanding in all ways, my friend...:),

AwwwwwwwOoooooooooooooooo gents,

Larry T

Lyrical Princess
07/02/13 04:17:41AM @lyrical-princess:
WOW Bill.. You Guys Really Kicked Butt on This Track... This is My Kind Of Rock!!! Sounds Pro to me... Bet you all had fun with this... AWESOME!!! 5***** + Thank You For The D/L

All The Best,

06/29/13 05:05:18PM @gene-smith:
Just freakin' AWESOME rocker right here guys, just amazing!
06/29/13 07:54:44PM @the-truevulgarians:
Yeah, defintely love this tune! The vocals and the terrific guitar work really compliment one another and result in a knock-down, drag-out rock song! Excellent effort by all involved...


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