CA Dreaming - Buddrumming, Kephas, Mack, Bilbozo, Slap & Bassman

genre: Pop
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creation date: 2009-04-03

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Song Information: Performing on our Tribute to the Moma's and Papa'sBilbozo - keyboards, rhythm and acoustic guitarsKephas - lead guitar solo and...
CA Dreaming - Buddrumming, Kephas, Mack,  Bilbozo, Slap & Bassman
carol sue
03/04/18 08:51:39PM @carol-sue:
Still love this..
One of the best renditions I have ever heard.

Congratulations again AOTM! (about time! lol) ;)

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11/09/10 01:55:25PM @:
First off, this is one of the most known classic pop songs ever...the original still hits, you know. There have been countless remakes and covers done of this song over the years. I must say, this right here truly could challenge for the best remake. Really digging in and listening to everyone's contributions and how each person laid their heart & soul's on the table...this was absolutely exceptional! Bill, Bud, and Slap are already fellas I am proud to have worked with before and the experience was unforgettable. Mack Sanders voice is a gift and here he just blows me away with his performance. Scott on bass does an excellent job holding it down. Then of course, Kephas on any song sends the whole project into another level of about a mega collab and a perfect tribute to the Mommas & the Papas...Standing O! Much respect for everyone...well done!
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04/04/09 12:28:20PM @:
To put it simply, a great track. Everything is superb. Creative and classy. Thanks.
04/04/09 09:44:00AM @scotty-c:
Beautiful rendition of this classic. Love the nylon string. It gave it a bit of Spanish flavor.

04/04/09 07:46:54AM @dellixxa:
Superb sounding cover... Outstanding vox and guitar. So beautiful.

Lyrical Princess
04/03/09 05:10:34PM @lyrical-princess:
I recognised Macks vocals on this right away.. The music on this is Outstanding.. I have always liked this song.. You all did an Excellent job.. What else can I say that everyone else hasn't already said..? Except (I just got home from Calif.. And I've had enough of it for awhile) LOL .. But never enough of hearing such Wonderful musicianship. All The Best, LP
04/03/09 10:34:47AM @mel:
Well what a beautiful instrumental start to this, just take me away to some island please, put me on a beach and play this!!! Mack's vocals are so smooth and wonderful, I am singing along here! (BADLY). This music from such talented guys is simply stunning, this could be released and LOVED! Well done all of you from production to players! Melsi
04/03/09 10:17:41AM @blue-sahara:
Bill, Mack, Richard, Scott, Bud and Steve ... I don't have any words. I heard this beautiful cover last night on Kephas' show and was instantly captivated by this. One of my all time favorite songs, performed so well. One can feel the chemistry between you guys and the fun you had creating it. Bill, the nylon string is superb! Steve - sax and flute are simply put: out-of-this world-ish. Bass, guitars and drums are fantastic. And Mack - what can I say??? You've got to have one of the most memorable and beautiful male vocals I've ever heard here on the mix!
Gentlemen - I bow to you guys and congratulate you to this achievement!

04/03/09 10:06:39AM @tlt50:
WOW.....Fabulous collab gents !! From the creative intro...this song takes on a life of its own.I always loved this song.This version is loaded with talent,beautiful arranging,superb class !! Mack's vocals are ...well ....AWESOME !! Bill,Bud,Kephas,Mack,Steve and Scott.....All your work was amazing on this track.... BRAVO !!!!!

04/21/09 07:34:23PM @vesa:
This is a fave song...always was in my top list...of the best of the 60's. It really thought I reviewed this, because I did hear it...unless it's on another site. Fine vocals Mack. Great Bud.
Anyhow, great singing, good playing Kephas, such expression, all around- a top notch production. Love that addition of flute, very 60's...but here & now most cool sound. It's such a DYNAMIC production, I am lost for words; just relaxing and sit back; most enjoyable. Love the guitar tone on that solo, -a perfectly arranged tune. EXCELLENT chemistry. Lots of expression feeling...can feel it in the airwaves...FAB sax, so well played; GREAT artistry GUYS. Well composed.
-Truely awesome is right. -Vesa.


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