Woman's Touch - Bilbozo, Mack Sanders, Slap Johnson

genre: Blues
streams: 448
creation date: 2010-07-12

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This was a wonderful collab to be a part of with 2 great friends. The talented Mack Sanders came through with vocals and lyrics with a pure emotional raw...
Woman's Touch - Bilbozo, Mack Sanders, Slap Johnson
09/09/19 08:21:11PM @dottiewylie:
I love This!!! You add Mack To The Mix and you got a winner!
carol sue
03/04/18 08:45:53PM @carol-sue:
This song has that special touch!!
I remember all the screams in the radio chat shows, lol!
Great hearing this again.. and again! :)

04/15/17 05:28:47AM @steve-bramer:
Great voice. Great playing. Nice tune.
07/01/16 10:22:54PM @moequinn:
I LOVE THIS SONG/TRACK ~ in a nutshell ~ that's it I LOVE THIS a great collab ~ damn that sax is awesome & Mack, gotta love Mack's soulful voice ~ it all just works together so fine ~ so much for in a nutshell ;)
user image
11/09/10 01:50:48PM @:
I had never heard of Mack Sanders before I met you, but I am a straight up fan of his voice. What a voice...dang, lol! Blew me away...I know about Slap Johnson. The 2 of you together is immense...just sweet ecstasy. Oh my word....melted me like butter and sent chills up my spine....what a way to finish my listens on your page with this excellent song. That is powerful...professional, classy, and deserving of a Grammy...straight up! Wowed me...speechless! Standing O!
09/05/10 02:11:33PM @cooter:
So nicely done. Great sonic balance, outstanding musicianship, well crafted tune. A joy to listen.
07/13/10 07:30:44AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Impassioned singing suits Mack's voice - sweet, sweet harmonies and polished playing. A real treat. ftlpope
08/30/10 08:53:55PM @austn:
Hot Mpact Ntro with a slow paced BluZ progression, using that good ol' chicago approach...luv the background vocals and hinting swerves of ambiance downscaling...the Voice EMOtionally tells it all as the RED hot solo guitar Xplodes N2 it's presence, leaving a little room 4 the Xpressive solo SAX work...those chilly background vocals R superb...make the lead voice shine like a STAR...the FX, and phase on the feel is mastered N a top notch production performance... ThanX 4 sharing & letting us have a listN...~Austn
07/12/10 07:48:28AM @bigpete:
wow now this was a night well spent, what an amazing track, the structure the arrangements the production are all over the top good but its everybodys performance that makes this a jem, great track Bill, and of course tip of the hat to Steve and Mack, now you go to bed it must be like 4:30 am in BC, job well done the man has earn a good night sleep.
03/08/12 04:50:23AM @rei4real:
that's it ... classical solid rock music at it's best ...
love that song!!! perfect in any kind ...
I'm standing up and leaving my hat.
big respect folks!!!

peace, rei

Mista Perez
10/21/10 07:15:09PM @mista-perez:
WOW how did I miss this one? My goodness....PERFECTION bravo to BOTH of you for making me smile and giving me hope that MUSIC exists.


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