Baby Baby (Remix) Carol Sue, Bilbozo & TLT50

genre: R&B
streams: 155
creation date: 2009-12-30

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Larry (TLT50) has graciously contributed to this new remix of "Baby Baby" with some new Piano and Synth tracks no heard on the original.  It brought the song...
Baby Baby (Remix) Carol Sue, Bilbozo & TLT50
carol sue
09/25/17 11:52:25AM @carol-sue:
Bill, Slap Johnson + Larry~ it's been years ago since doing this song.
Just wanted to thank you all once again, it's been an honor to be in song with you all.

02/10/10 11:11:48AM @vesa:
Love the tempo right away. The piano is a fine addition. Carol sings ever so well, with much emotion. Love the other voice coming in, adding to the romantic feeling. The saxaphone is impeccable, as it is played with a soft tone. Great guitar, coming in at a perfect time. The all around sound production is most FAB. Great chemistry here, with such good synth artistry. Fine percussives. What can one say except to sit back and relax and listen again.
Thanks for the pleasure all. Very SUPERB music.
-Your friend. -Vesa

01/02/10 03:31:19PM @tlt50:
Carol and Bill ~~~~~ Thank you sooo much for the opportunity of adding my thoughts ,to what was an amzing track too begin with,,,,,,and thank YOU both for your very kind words..:-) from Slap's incredible Sax work..Bill's superb mastery of performance and production... to your sensual vocals...I'm so proud to be a part of this..words can't express how happy I am.
May all our wishes and dreams be realized in 2010.
Carol and Bill...It's an honor to be among your many friends......
~~~~~~~~~~~~~HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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