Crazy Situation - Bilbozo, Mista Perez, TLT50

genre: Funk
streams: 312
creation date: 2010-10-24

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Time to get FUNKY ! Mista Perez, TLT50 and Bilbozo came up with a collaboration "Tower of Power" Funk-Style tune by the name of "Crazy Situation"....
Crazy Situation - Bilbozo, Mista Perez, TLT50
12/22/10 02:30:36PM @gary-hart:
Just noticed this wicked tune! Wow...solid as anything! Great artist on this track...TLT50 to Mista Perez...and amazing Bilbozo screaming up some great guitars! keys sound fantastic Larry!!...MP...outstanding vocals man...your one of my fav here at the mix...the overall mix of this song smokes!! Top Shelf!

Superb job gents!!


Mista Perez
10/27/10 07:32:28AM @mista-perez:
This is an amazing fun ride. Working with such amazing talent as Larry and Bill and mixing our 3 styles together made this the funnest project I EVER worked on.
10/26/10 06:29:02AM @mel:
Just got to pull on my flares and tight boots!! Perfect 70's disco song here. Super beat for shaking that toosh! Vocals are very Prince like, instrumentals are funky. Oh yes, I was back dancing under that spangle ball!! Loved it. Wishing you well, Melzaroo
10/26/10 02:38:28AM @obiwandk:
what a nice track really got me felling like the 70"s

10/25/10 10:45:55PM @tlt50:
What can I say..... ~ AaaaawwwwwwwwOOOOOOOoooooooooooo ~ ~:)*

Bill and Mista Perez.... thx for letting me hang out with you 2 amazing talents... Bros and pros fer sure...!! Awesome collab,my friends ! TY *****

Larry T

10/25/10 05:44:30PM @bigpete:
superbe collaboration, Funkadelik meets Prince, all performances are great, and spotless production, a five stars for sure.
Rob Grant
10/25/10 02:51:51PM @rayon-vert:
OUCH!!! Absolutely a KILLER FUNK track. EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!!! Love the beat and the bass.......a bit of that 70's - 80's Funk, which to me.......was the BEST. SUPERB Vocals!!! excellent choice to do piano...ya smoked it!!! Great arrangement and guitar work is pure taste.

10/25/10 07:28:41AM @josephrodz:
Thats the spirit and the groove,i love this from the start to the end.
you guys know how to swing and funk. awesome.

10/28/10 06:04:57AM @miguel-a-wilder:
Wow, every body who is somebody showed up here. Hey yall :-) This is a great track, brought together well. Everything that can be said, has been said. Great work.
Lyrical Princess
10/26/10 02:25:43PM @lyrical-princess:
I have heard this several times now.. And each time I hear something different.. Really like the feel of this.. A song full of energy for sure.. A Big Hi 5***** To the awesome trio of Bilbozo, TLT50 & Mista Perez ~

All The Best,
LP/ Linda

10/25/10 12:15:08AM @cooter:
Have mercy! Funkalisious. Great collab, y'all. The funk is just drippin off this. Killer tune.


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