Il Surrealista
Il Surrealista
Il Surrealista

One Too Many

album: n/a
genre: space rock
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Drums, Baritone Guitar and keyboard Synthesizers
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Good for Mr. Tarantino's last film?
One Too Many
Queen Regina
03/12/22 08:30:15AM @queen-regina:
Wow, I so totally love this BillB. That organ cries, weeps, & sweeps right through me. Oh how it moved me deeply. #QueenReginaPickHit #Instrumental Best ear candy of my morning.
03/11/22 04:31:49PM @bustert:
It`s like a space western- nice tune!
tony cee
03/11/22 02:52:07PM @tony-cee:
nice track bill , very laid back love the organ smart tune


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