Save Yourself

album: BlackSxord
genre: Cinematic Metal
streams: 36
creation date: 2019-03-01
purchase: mp3, 10.1MB, 00:04:25
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Lorne Reid : Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production  Gary Hart: Guitars, Drums, Keys, Production SY Kotik: Lyrics and Vocals 
Save Yourself
carol sue
03/04/19 09:25:46PM @carol-sue:
You're most welcome, @gary-hart
Another listen...………. YEAH!!

03/04/19 09:15:16PM @gary-hart:
Carol Sue...thank you for such a nice glad you enjoyed our new track!! 🤘😎🤘
carol sue
03/04/19 09:12:14PM @carol-sue:
BlackSxord~ such a fan I am, I am!!
I shall be wanting the autographed Cd when it's released. (hope tha's possible)
Have to tell you.. this sounds KILLER!! CRANK IT UP LOUD SETS GOOD ON THE EARS!
ooops, did I scream type? OH, YEAH!!

BRAVO!!!!!!!!! *****


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