Brad Nelson
Brad Nelson

Oh Lord Don't Ya Leave Me

album: Single
genre: Southern Rock
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Oh Lord Don't Ya Leave Me
sly puppy
07/02/08 03:00:04PM @emocion:
hello Brad.

Well let me say this 1st - I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS ONLY HAS " REVIEWS.

What the hell is wrong with people !

The roughness to your voice (thats meant as a compliment) is just great I really like the way you deliver the words just wish the vocals were higher in the mix !
The strummed acoustic bed of this track is solid and lets the other parts take turns playing "lead".There are some great guitar phrases inside this track too .
The dragged rythm is cool as hell......voice breaking ever so slightly on the swing low chariot parts....I've sung that at the rugby a few times !

I like this track a whole lot and hjope more people can find it .


06/29/08 02:18:21AM @mike-lynn:
Brad, this is a very pleasant track. Unfortunately no download is available. Cheers.
Honey Island Swamp
06/28/08 05:20:21PM @les-beasley:
Good stuff Bro,Enjoyed this.


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