Brad Nelson
Brad Nelson

Break Me All The Way Down (Demo)

album: Single
genre: Southern Rock
streams: 111

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Billy & Rose Falcon join Brad on this work in progress
Break Me All The Way Down (Demo)
The Gigglefits
06/12/21 03:48:27PM @the-gigglefits:
Hi I am Dj Tony C along With Dj Queen Regina we do a radio show called the Gigglefits top 30 pickHits on Mixstream Radio and you are our featured artist tonight we will be playing 3 of your songs on air tonight please come join us in chat 7pm Est and we have after show party were we showcase artist in chat and take request. Hope if you are free you can join us thanks
10/05/08 09:18:02AM @steph-klish:
I agree with Dazed
Blend the vocals more with the music and a pan with the vocals would be great to.
Great style you have here
A little work on the mix to this track and i think you have a hit .
Cool guitar work and the bongos in the back sound cool for this track.

10/04/08 01:54:29PM @dazed:
love the guitar work and the melody. very well done. also the harmonies are great. I wonder about that panning on them. The woman's vocals are kind of buried by the main vox. maybe splitting them a bit more left and right would give some separation. I am listening via headphones so it may sound different with speakers.

Great job on the tune. This is really well done.


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