Brian Futch
Brian Futch
Brian Futch

You Done Made My Guitar Cry

genre: Blues
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You Done Made My Guitar Cry©2010 Words and Music by Brian Futch I did everything you told me,Crossed every “t” and dotted every “i”,I followed all your...
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Lost my job in January of 2010 after 16 years with the company.  This my angst.
You Done Made My Guitar Cry
01/09/11 11:31:54AM @mark-cloutier:
You are great man!! digging this big time--cheers Brian!
02/16/10 05:47:12PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
They speak highly of you and play you on Mix radio but I cannot recall a new tune from you since I have been here. So I am starting this with great anticipation - glorious guitar playing and tone, full blooded singing - great song especially the chord sequence (not yer average blues). Yes, I really enjoyed this. ftlpope
02/17/10 02:29:38AM @the-full-quid:
with a title like this you know it has to be a great song .
great changes in a blues rock song , you know this can't wait to get to a solo , is this where it cries ? those are some tears indeed .


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