Where is my helicopter ?

album: Traffic
genre: Independent
streams: 22
creation date: 2023-11-17

Where is my helicopter ?
11/21/23 02:44:39PM @bustert:
THX a lot..
Actually, I wasn't/am not that enthusiastic about that part - but thank you anyway @carolsue,@spaceboy,@toni-cee

carol sue
11/21/23 05:18:00AM @carol-sue:
Dig the high-flying energy you have created here!
Fantastic track~ enjoyed the musical flight. :)
Way to go, bustert! *****

Bill B
11/21/23 01:12:19AM @bill-b:
Very cool atmosphere why use an elevator when you can use a heliocopter-I like the drifting tones and delays.5*
tony cee
11/19/23 03:10:39PM @tony-cee:
great tune busturt, got me rocking , some superb sounds love the drum work , ......cheers tony cee


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