Cam T
Cam T

Funky Thang

genre: Instrumental
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Composed, drum programming, all instruments, Cam T.
Funky Thang
04/07/09 01:38:40PM @mark-reed:
Once again another accomplished piece of work. Great funk work on the bass line, seriously mean guitar work.
07/13/08 12:26:59PM @ked-records:
what a clever blend of two elements to make one very cool tune. The funk is very present in this short lil piece.. but man oh man its sayin alot!!
great stuff again Cam...

04/16/08 10:06:35PM @self-tort:
I'm listening to this through pretty lousy computer speakers so am not picking up the problems Dazed has referred to me, so I will limit myself to the playing. Love the funk feel to this. It's funky and bluesy. Detected a Clapton influence at about the 0:37 mark. Loved that phrasing. The resolution of the main motif at 0:32 and in the outro is a real ripper. Only one's too short. Was just sitting back getting into it.



04/16/08 04:27:01PM @dazed:
I swear I commented on this before. Digging the bass line but through headphones the mix is not working for me lol. Will the guitar panned hard left and the bass panned hard right, my head was tilting to the right :). Aside from that, your playing is remarkable!


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