Catia Dignard
Catia Dignard

Catia Dignard - Time Capsule

Category: Music
Duration: 00:04:58
Video produced 18.11.2022 by WD Studios, Perth WA
Performed by Catia Dignard

Music Credits:
Lyrics and vocals by Catia Dignard
Music by Catia Dignard and Jean-François Martel
Double Bass - Jean-François Martel
Piano - Rafael Zaldívar
Trumpet - Maxime St-Pierre
Engineered, mixed and mastered by David Elias (

Special thanks to Pete from WD Studios for producing this hauntingly beautiful video.

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Catia Dignard
03/03/24 12:58:12PM @catia-dignard:
Always a beautiful experience!

Thanks so very much, Rich! Means a lot

03/01/24 11:19:23AM @lodato:
Always a beautiful experience!


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