Corrado Rossi
Corrado Rossi

Swirling leaves

album: Corrado Rossi
genre: Jazz
streams: 170
creation date: 2008-01-20

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A Piano solo improvisation, while I was looking out from my window watching some leaves swirling in the air...
Swirling leaves
04/07/09 09:44:08PM @vesa:
Very bright lovely sound eminates forward; a fine ambience at the beginning, tranguil mood, pensive also, highly expressiveness in every note; like the way you weave so distinctly across the keyboard, and the lovely cascade across it...punchy riffs,fine approach for the feeling to come out-really this keeps me on an edge waiting, going from a light mood to a moving one with much happening...very well arranged and just keep holding me there. You create a beautiful magical composition from the inside outward so well...most impressive; indeed my friend.
SUPERB Corrado. Thanks for the pleasure.

02/11/09 02:22:09PM @jdk:
Carrado- needed another dose of your sweet music. this very patient piece, with jazz-laced chords, and a unique time signature really hots the spot. bravo


02/05/09 12:56:05PM @mark-reed:
Don't think I can elaborate any further on this, tremendous composition, superbly played. And a real pleasure to listen to very well done
08/22/08 03:55:26PM @ab1:
I had to come back corrado.. I said before it deserves so many listens..
it is incredibly beautiful.. words simply can't do this wonderful music justice.. it brings the finest harmonies and melodies of classical and jazz rhythmically together to create an absolute masterpiece.. if it reminded me a bit of ravel and bill evans at the start.. it reminds me of chick and keith later on.. if you put this one on a CD please let me know..

08/07/08 07:31:12AM @am-pm:
This is a nice piece. Really nice. It could be wonderfull to hear a smooth jazz version with some sultry female vox. well thats just my imagination.

Thanks for sharing.

07/06/08 03:33:33AM @ab1:
anything as beautiful as this should have many listens my friend.. and many reviews so let me give you two.. and it probably won't be the last. this composition however will last.. until the end of time.. it is absolutely gorgeous and has many modern aspects to it.. a bit like bruce hornsby in feel and the open harmonies used.. but so much jazz and impressionist harmony too.. i really am glad to hear your music my friend.. again and again.. :-)
Luca Wulf
04/16/08 11:57:11AM @huge-artist:
Yes mate,beena while and GREAT to hear from you :)

I would like to second what selftort said.
For me this is a piece to not be a reviewer,but just to be a music fan,and sit and admire appreciate the artistry and beauty of such a composition.
Simply beautiful.

02/26/08 05:29:22PM @self-tort:
Sometimes I hear something that is just so unique and beautiful that I think "who the hell am I to try to review this". This is one such track. This is just an aural landscape that captures so vividly the feeling of autumn. Absolutely stellar piece of composition and what a touch on those keys. Absolute classic, Corrado. Have added to my favs. Thank you. This is a wonderful way to start a day.
sly puppy
02/25/08 01:32:53PM @emocion:

Just the one word



02/21/08 10:02:25AM @syngularity:
I was honored to hear "Swirling Leaves" before. Reflects wonderful musical talent, performance is pure energy and emotion. Love it!
Ciao, Pascal

01/28/08 04:16:37PM @chrickon:
A most touching piece of music !! LOVE IT. soo beautiful and dynamicly performed.
Thanks for sharing.

01/21/08 09:01:51AM @brian-mattson:
Brlliant Corrado, absolutely BRILLIANT! You really shine on this melodic jazz piece. The composition is a fascinating blend of styles and your performance demands attention! I LOVE IT. Please do more in this style!!!!
01/20/08 04:34:22PM @tlt50:
Piano..virtuousity !! Beautiful,thoughtful and soul satisifying !! BRAVO.....thanks for sharing,

Larry T.........

01/20/08 01:55:56PM @rob-hanlon:
I love the solitude of the intro and the emotion throughout. A beautiful composition and great performance.
01/20/08 11:24:19AM @ab1:
corrado.. jazz amico.. you know i love this one.. reminds me of the one i did with big daddy cee.. how memorable a piano intro can be.. oh man.. love solo piano.. used to play brahms intermezzos myself.. but this one is too beautiful.. please don't ever put it on the shelf.. to me it's as new age as it is jazz.. just absolutely lovely.. great percussive interludes and textural changes.. spiced with tempo rubato phrases.. my friend this piece of music absolutely amazes.. tante gracie.. :-)
Rob Grant
01/20/08 10:50:18AM @rayon-vert:
Very BEAUTIFUL piece. I REALLY appreciate the mood and the listen. SUPER!

01/20/08 10:05:02AM @jamie-janisch:
uuuhhh, this really touches my soul. what a wonderful, dreamy tune. thx. jx
01/20/08 12:38:25PM @the-deep:
I just love this Corrado. Just love it. Such expressiveness in the playing, and in the instrument. This is the first time ive heard Swirling Leaves and it will stay in my mind.

Farrell Jackson
01/20/08 12:38:49PM @farrell-jackson:
Corrado, this is a great piece of music to start my Sunday morning off with. I am in tune with your solo piano and relaxed...............beautiful.



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