Daniel J Moore
Daniel J Moore
Daniel J Moore

Cheiro Do Mar

album: OpenMusicFactory (R.I.P)
genre: Latin
streams: 78

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Collaboration done on OpenMusicFactory.comJul. 05, 2007Drums: Jean P. Taboga, Belgium -Guitar and Keybs and Originator: Alessandro da Lisca, Italy -Keybs:...
Cheiro Do Mar
04/06/10 11:41:52AM @mark-reed:
This is just too cool. Tremendous mood to the instrumentation. Got my feet on the desk just drifting with this one. Excellent piece well done
11/11/08 07:56:56AM @the-autumleaf:
Lovely Tune , Excellent Guitars and Smooth ambient Back up, Loved listening to it
Jay from The Autumnleaf


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