Daniel J Moore
Daniel J Moore
Daniel J Moore


album: OpenMusicFactory (R.I.P)
genre: Latin
streams: 69

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Collaboration done on OpenMusicFactory.comDec. 20, 2007Composed and performed by: Cristina Farias and  Steffen Offermann, German(Guitars: Dan Clancy, USA...
04/06/10 11:37:58AM @mark-reed:
seldom have I come across a piece with a more apt title, this is very impressive. This shines, liked the various flavours you added throughout. This is a well composed piece, and a seriously good listen well done
stone bullits
11/12/08 12:18:13PM @stonebullits:
i'm sorry i don't understand spanish,but i will say this is a beautifull piece of music, other then a couple of flat spots in the vocal, this is just beautifull! really enjoyed this.


11/11/08 07:53:37PM @blue-sahara:
Oh how nice is this! Lovely, distant acoustics and a voice from heaven! This song transmits such a good vibe, although I do sense a bit of sadness in the song (I wish I understood Spanish). The distant flute hauntingly undermines the great atmosphere. A real treat to listen to.


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