Daniel J Moore
Daniel J Moore
Daniel J Moore


album: MyVirtualBand (R.I.P.)
genre: Latin
streams: 103

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(Originator - MVB user: Corrus), (flutes - Daniel J. Moore, Seattle, WA.) This is a song that I contributed to on an other forum which recently was sold....
09/18/10 08:19:37AM @mark-reed:
This has an Andean feel to the music, very light and airy. All in all a very nice piece of work well done
Rob Grant
12/15/07 03:21:22PM @rayon-vert:
Very nice melody and mood. It's GREAT to hear some nice flute. They really set a nice feel and can do very lovely melodies. You do it GREAT!! Really like this song...VERY MUCH!!
"Mellow Tube".......that's a pretty cool name....I like that.....pretty creative idea

12/09/07 06:31:44AM @diva:
Nice play with the flute fluttering against that great backing track and rhythm. I was going to ask what a solo guitar would sound like playing against the flute the second time through the verse part, but in comes a second flute! I like the double flute work even better.


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