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Daniel J Moore
Daniel J Moore

Ashley Song

album: MyVirtualBand (R.I.P.)
genre: Latin
streams: 139

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(Originator - Doug Stepanek, New Orleans, LA.), (flutes - Daniel J. Moore, Seattle, WA.) This is a song that I contributed to on an other forum which...
Ashley Song
11/09/08 02:53:03PM @slowmarchingband:
Beautifully played Dan! The guitar and flute blend very well on this. Very enjoyable song.
09/30/08 03:06:30AM @the-autumleaf:
nothing as soothing as listening to some cool flute and great back up

06/28/08 08:12:19AM @saitkoray:
this is very relaxing tune...wonderful backlines..very clear..and lead (solo ) flute is superb...very welldone...great arranged and performed...5 stars from me...
01/27/08 04:23:16PM @daniel-j-moore:
Thanks margot,

The head is a 3D model I created of "Zardoz", from the 1974 film with Sean Connery.

Kind of a 'place holder' until I can create a Uniquely "MellowTube" background.

01/27/08 02:41:00AM @ab2:
A beautiful Sunday morning listen...Have to say I was a little apprehensive when I saw that "Head" with the gaping mouth there on your page...No worries though...Sweet music...:-)

Luv n hugs Mags xx :-)

Luca Wulf
01/08/08 07:49:52PM @huge-artist:
Well you probably won't believe me Daniel,but I saved the link to your page on christmas eve,to get back to after the festivities.
I saw your picture of you playing the flute and HAD to come and have a listen.
The flute is one of my fav instruments.
Here I am :)
This has a real nice feel to the piece,uplifting,almost playful.
Very nice acoustic guitar and subtle arangement.
The flute is indeed the star.
Beautifuly played,really giving that playful feel to the piece.
Made me think of warm summer nights with gentle cooling breezes blowing.
A beautiful composition.
Greatly enjoyed.
Perhaps,if I may be so bold....
I could write you something for you to play flute on?
I have worked with a native american flute player and would love to write something for your chrome flute...
You can hear the tracks I did with Michael on my soundclick page,songs like 1000 ghosts dancing,Umbra Luna,and Wolf.
No offence if the answer is no :)
But I had to ask :)

06/28/08 01:32:29PM @daniel-j-moore:
Thanks saitkoray,

Interesting how sometimes, when the muse hits, a song comes together pretty easily. I mean this as a tribute to Doug Stepanek's excellent guitar work, which made the flute almost play itself. Haven't had many experiences like that. I usually have to work much harder than I did on this piece.

12/09/07 06:29:24AM @diva:
I simply love the sound of a flute in band. They just add so much to the sound and mix, and you do a great job with it on this song. What a refreshing change from a lot of what is ared here. Very enjoyable.
11/19/07 11:27:27AM @syntopia-music:
What a wonderful music, very good for relaxing and chilling. Great sound and production. Fantastic work.
04/03/07 03:55:51AM @daniel-j-moore:
Thanks Dazed,
This was a fun one and the groundwork and guitar by Doug Stepanek, of New Orleans, LA., kind of sparked a muse...

04/02/07 08:49:47PM @dazed:
Very nice! Great work on the flute Dan.


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