David Sanders
David Sanders


album: Windjammer
genre: Classic Rock
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  Song Lyrics
“Windjammer” (David Sanders, Ralph Rivera)   Out on the sea with wind at my back Oh where have I been on till now Here on the ocean there’s nothing I lack...
  Song Information
"Windjammer" came in September 1978 from lyrics by Ralph Rivera. i wrote the music in about 20 mins with a Martin 12 string guitar in the Bahamas on the s/v...
07/21/21 11:02:38PM @moquinn:
I heard this song on MixPosure radio today it is quite beautiful & wonderful ~ 11 years later & still a hit

Queen Regina
01/12/21 11:13:13AM @queen-regina:
Outstanding. I so felt this music. What gorgeous piano & strings. I love this. So soothing & captivating. Taken by the wind. A masterpiece.
Farrell Jackson
10/17/19 02:48:54PM @farrell-jackson:
What a gorgeous song David Sanders! "Excitement from stern to bow…" Bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doug Dickens
02/12/17 07:59:36PM @doug-dickens:
Sometimes a song comes along that is so recognisable. Great tune.
07/22/10 02:35:12AM @mack-sanders:
Hi Brother David,
Welcome to mixposure. I have always admired the Windjammer song, so glad you have posted it here. Bravo!!!!

07/22/10 01:26:38AM @tlt50:
Beautiful...track..:) !! What a musical family you have. I've heard Mack talk about your dad.Great to have you and your music here.Superb ,,,production,,,,dynamite arranging, musicianship and vocals... Bravo !! +1 songwriting....!!
All the best,

Larry T *****

Rob Grant
12/13/10 04:53:59PM @rayon-vert:
GREAT SONG!!!! Really enjoyed every aspect of it. A very big production....LOVED that piano and your Strat solo......and your vox are excellent.

07/22/10 04:54:28PM @josephrodz:
Nice song,voice and production, welcome to mixposure.
11/25/10 03:54:48PM @cooter:
Stunning beautiful, David. A wonderful tune. So nicely done on all levels.



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