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Cargo Cult

album: Cargo Cult
genre: Acoustic Rock
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Cargo Cult
06/10/10 09:21:43AM @death-valley-yacht-club:
I wasn't familiar with Firth of Fifth so I pulled it up on YouTube and had a listen. Definitely a similar sound and feel to the guitars. Genesis is one group that I somehow passed over back in the day but now I keep discovering gems like FoF. Great prog-rock. Thanks.
06/09/10 11:33:37AM @cagliostro:
Just something that occured me after i wrote the review: i found the final guitar solo somewhat reminiscent of Genesis, which is my favourite band. Have you ever listened to the guitar solo in "Firth of Fifth"? It's one of the best guitar solos i've ever read, and i think you've achieved a similar feel in this song.
06/09/10 11:30:17AM @cagliostro:
This is very good. The chord progression is beautiful, and the electric part blends very well with the acoustic base.
11/07/09 10:26:46AM @bigpete:
great emotional soundscape created here, great production very story telling structure very entertaining, love the overall mood lots happening all through the story, great job.
11/07/09 06:28:39AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
If I remember correctly the Cargo cult was/is held by some Pacific islanders who thought Europeans were gods because of the goods they/shipped/flew in? The connection between that and the music is of course irrelevant (or is it?). This works on all levels - lovely 'alternative' guitar part, Frippesque lead guitar tone, understated drums. Great. ftlpope


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