Decent Casuilty
Decent Casuilty

Tribute to Mickey And Malory-Natural Born Killers Opus

album: Dark Tales From an unstable exsistance
genre: Interview
streams: 30

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Tribute to Mickey And Malory-Natural Born Killers Opus
12/21/10 09:38:47AM @cooter:

Easy to see a lot of work went into this track. Nice use of the voices from movie clips, alternating with your vocal. Haunting background, which certainly seems to fit the subject matter, to my ears.

Quite a piece of work here, DC.


12/20/10 01:15:59PM @josephrodz:
This is an epic production but if you put a video with this music this will be great.
For me this kind of music will take me 2 yrs to make it,lol.
BTW thanks for the download.

12/20/10 07:28:10PM @josephrodz:
Now that is saw the movie you did a great tribute to these crazy people and fit perfectly to them.

12/20/10 03:38:44PM @bigpete:
hey one of my all time favorite movie, my 2 Dooberman where named Mickey and Malory, so I was real curious to hear what you came up with, I love the Trent Raznor feel, romantic electro goth, real epic track.


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