Digger Stone
Digger Stone

where I lay my head/Free and high

album: Songs From The First Floor
genre: Pop-Folk
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This was same name song challeng hear at the Mix.. And the first time i ever Tried to play slide guitar. I figure, Not to bad for a first time... Hope you...
where I lay my head/Free and high
04/20/21 11:13:11PM @moquinn:
Digger ~ this one has been around for a while ~ I still love it

Barefoot Music
08/11/18 06:01:52AM @barefoot-music-group:
Always a kick ass song!!
05/19/16 10:34:42PM @moquinn:
Loving this song Digger, I am somewhat familiar with slide guitar (living in Hawaii - it is popular here) ~ love the beat & the lyrics to this ~ could listen to this song over & over again a perfect song all around
02/21/15 08:26:01PM @hydrogen3:
This is a killer Kick ASS tune! I downloaded this one in the past and have enjoyed many listens!
Lyrical Princess
07/20/13 01:26:07AM @lyrical-princess:
Well, I have no idea what a slide guitar is.. But I'm picking out sections in this song that I'm guessing is where you are playing it.. Most all the way through is my guess.. Sounds pretty darn good to me too, for your first time. Ahhh what do I know?? LoL ~ I Know that I like this song.. Great job!! :)

All The Best,

04/24/13 08:51:46PM @tlt50:
Digger.....bro' good listening to your talents (again),my friend !! Shit happens...."One of many, favorites from you !!

~AwwwwwwwOoooooooo~ ole' buddy...(Y),

W.Wolf :)

04/24/13 08:02:38PM @cooter:
Yep. I certainly enjoyed it, Digger. Your first go at slide? Dude, nicely done. Great tune.


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