Digger Stone
Digger Stone


album: Songs From The First Floor
genre: Rock
streams: 283
creation date: 2015-02-20

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Not a word I'm saying are you believing having thoughts bear in your mind.do you know what I'm thinking, does it bother you not to know? Could it be were...
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a song I wrote some time back, with my very good friend mike confrey.
05/26/23 05:58:56PM @lodato:
First time hearing this Digger. Well, finally getting around to your page. Beautiful man. Love that big chorus. Gr8 voice!!
carol sue
04/22/20 06:17:33AM @carol-sue:
Pure class / classic~ I have always loved this song!
Thinking about you and hope you're doing okay @digger-stone
Where are you? Come back, come back.. wherever you are!
Really have loved all of your tunes through the years and it would
be great to hear some more Digger Stone music! :)

Bravo! ***** ::encore::

09/04/16 09:32:50AM @ronbowes:

Great intro and the chorus really raises the game. Cool track.

05/04/15 10:28:36AM @soul-brothers-cebu:
reminds me of a local band here in the Philippines named Wolfgang, You Rock!
Farrell Jackson
02/23/15 12:52:44PM @farrell-jackson:
A great re-post Digger! I agree with Jim, one of my favorite Digger songs!
Lyrical Princess
02/21/15 07:24:19PM @lyrical-princess:
It's good to see you active on mix again, Digger. Your vocals are powerful, with full emotion flowing through them. I love the melody line. It's a very catchy tune with well written rock lyrics. I've heard this song in the past & it's always been a favorite. 5 *****+ All the way!!! Keep rockin' & I'll keep listening :)
02/21/15 01:45:26AM @digger-stone:
Thanks you guys...
02/20/15 03:36:34PM @david-c-deal:
I remember this song from years ago, always stuck with me as a really special one. Good to have it back and posted.
02/20/15 02:36:16PM @the-bard-brothers:
Just a regular guy who knows how to write some classic rock style songs. Solid all-around, with a tasty lead... just enough to say, "Awesome," and gone quickly enough to make the listener want more. Nicely done.


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