You And I

album: Walk of Life
genre: Rock
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A track about losing way of life, being alone with full of hope for a better chance with some help. Always be loyal and always be kind... Special thanks...
You And I
Bamil Music
06/03/19 07:30:21PM @bamil:
You And I (Brand New Day, Brand New Life)
by BAMIL And Digital J
Lyrics, Music, Arrangements, Guitars, Keyboards And Performed By Bamil Gutiérrez Collado/
Sacred Healing Songs © 2019
Beat Programming By Jonathan Li Aka Digital J © 2019
All Rights Reserved

06/03/19 06:32:35AM @digital-j:
Thank you so much for your kind comments :) Bamil was great in allowing me to work with him again!, Cheers to Bamil.....much appreciated for the opportunity....
tony cee
06/02/19 03:30:06PM @tony-cee:
i love this very catchy , superb melody , love it ,,,,,,,cheers tony cee
carol sue
06/02/19 06:41:03AM @carol-sue:
Enjoyed your song and it's nice to see you here again!


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