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<div class="postbody"><span style="color: #0080ff;">Peter Mercer just sent me an email asking if something he received from me with the subject line "Dear Friend", was really sent from me. In looking at his forwarded message, I noticed that virtually everone in my email address book for that account, was apparently sent the same message. In fact, I received one at one of my secondary email addresses (which is listed in my primary email account's address book), as well!<br /><br />I have just sent everyone who apparently received the bogus email the following message, and I am posting my note here as a heads up. I'm not quite sure what to do, short of starting over with a new email address, provider, etc. Any suggestion anyone here might have would be greatly appreciuated. I have never had this happen in the six years or so I've used my main email address.<br /><br />Anyway, here is what I have sent out in response (some of you folks, like FM, and others I have email contact with should have received this email from me):</span><br /><br /><span style="color: #ffff00;">All, or most of you, probably received a strange email with a "Dear Friend" subject line. I received one, also, sent to one of seconday yahoo addresses, supposedly sent from my main yahoo address (this one). Those of you who know me, know I would not use such a vague subject line, or send the kind of ad that comprised the message.<br /><br />Clearly, someone has managed to hack my email address. I've used this address for more than six years, but clearly will have to change it, I guess. I'm not an expert on this kind of thing, but any suggestions from anyone here who might be more knowledgeable would be great. If there's something I can do instead of closing or changing email accounts/address, please let me know.<br /><br />Meanwhile, if you receive anythging remotely suspicious, let me know. I do not operate any such business, and would not be approaching you to buy or invest and so on.<br /><br />It amazes me how people can expend so much time and energy to crap like this, instead of something meaningful.<br /><br />Paul</span></div>

Fender Bender
07/19/08 11:11:45AM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
you mean I ordered those electronic products from someone other than you?? That sucks Paul. Sorry.
07/20/08 10:59:16PM @diva:
Could be. So far so good, and no new bogus messages. I'm thinking I've won this round, nut the possibility of another source being infected also crossed my mind.
07/20/08 06:20:04PM @the-london-project:
If someone else was infected that had your e-mail address in their address book, it could be sent out looking as if you sent it. Could it be that someone else had all those e-mail addresses as well? It is quite common for mail to be sent as "you" (spoofed). It is possible that you are not infected but rather someone you know.
07/20/08 02:39:06PM @diva:
I run AVG and Ad-Aware pretty regularly. The last time I ran Ad-Aware, it indicated there were a few things there that shouldn't be, and I took care of that. AVG came up clean.
07/20/08 01:41:06PM @the-london-project:
Hey Paul, eslider is right, it sounds to me like you have picked up a virus/worm/trojan. Getting a new e-mail address will not help you. These infections look into your address book and send to all recipients. You can download AVG Antivirus for free or choose from any of the other top antivirus solutions. Either way I just wanted to point out that getting a new e-mail address will not help you.

Luca Wulf
07/19/08 10:42:57AM @huge-artist:
Sorry to hear that mate.
I am faraid you will have little choice but to create anew e-mail account witha new password as yours has been hacked into.

I use an e-mail scanner which would detect "Most" bogus e-mails,but with all the protection in the world,these things can and do still happen.
My best wishes to you mate.


07/19/08 08:34:05PM @diva:
So far, I've simply cranked up an unsed account with google mail (g-mail), with the address "iwaha.ota", which is my Native name. Some of you who receive the occasional email from me should have recived an email with that name and address earlier today. It is legit.

I'm also attempting to change passwords with that main yahoo account. Not having much luck.


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