album: Piano work
genre: Easy Listening
streams: 67
creation date: 2013-07-13

Melani Cholie
10/02/21 04:10:30AM @melani-cholie:
This is very very good. I like ypour sound and the little orientalic feeling!!!
09/02/13 07:20:50AM @endless-rotary:
Yes, I agree with all the other comments. Lovely collection of elements. Deep stuff, especially vocals and bass which binds it all together.

Not sure what I can fault, really.

You've got some serious talent and I like the sound of you from your description on the left ('background').

I also make some very eclectic electro-ambient-funk-jazz-blues-metal etc music and play a good few instruments.

09/02/13 01:04:52AM @gene-smith:
You already know how I feel about this track man. It makes me want to pick up my electric and jam along, wish I had the talent. Fantastic track right here Jeremy!
07/14/13 01:32:18PM @the-truevulgarians:
The Mad Marauder,aka, DJ Jezza, has put together a very polished song here featuring terrific keyboard work. It's got a very cool vibe, well produced and recorded.
Excellent job on this one!


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