album: TheLadyandThePoet Present: Spoken Chemistry
genre: R&B
streams: 56

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This is the main song for the album, it's going to be about how myself and The writer's poet came together
10/28/10 06:01:20AM @miguel-a-wilder:
Now this is what I am talking about. Intro was fantastic, smooth, and it pulled me in. Then when it got to the body of the work, I was ready. My only suggestion would be to drop the piano twiddles out from time to time, like on the part where verses might go, and let it just fill the hook. You got something here.
sly puppy
10/28/10 02:26:31PM @emocion:
this track is actually much more structured than the other one I listened too.

i like this a lot.

Agree with the previous review about the piano line...take it out and let the music shine. Vocals would find it hard to cut through that piano too.

All in all though this sounds really nice - orbit like padis really nice.



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