My Life

album: TheLadyandThePoet Present: Spoken Chemistry
genre: R&B
streams: 137

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This track is for the album "The Lady and The Poet present: Spoken Chemistry.  Martin aka The Writer's Poet will be doing the vocals. We called it My Life...
My Life
11/19/10 08:23:38PM @tlt50:
This has some lovely....keyboard work.. Synth work..(instrumentation) is done very well.... !! From the intro keys, the song builds ,superbly.Well done...:)!!
You've left room for vocals or additional goodies... :))

Larry T

11/03/10 08:21:42PM @djbeccac:
Thx alot I appreciate the review . Bass is a good idea. I was just so busy with all the other sounds I suppose. The piano is me yes and I used a few synth sound and pluck arps.
10/28/10 05:56:49AM @miguel-a-wilder:
I like this. It is mixed well has some great sounds, and a lovely melody It sounds very clean as well. However, for me. I didn't feel like it ever settled. It was like too muck to be a beat for an artist to sing to, and not enough for it to be an instrumental. It was somewhere in the middle. It needs to be either opened up, or totally filled.
sly puppy
11/03/10 01:00:47PM @emocion:
i like the trance elements inside this tune...the piano for me actually sits really well agianst that genre.

I'd imagine a well crafted vocal would actually make this sound excellent....the twists in the music would allow a lot of accent from the vocalist.High and lows agianst the highs and lows of the music.

I'd like to hear some bass added though to give it some real low end ...thats the only thing I think you need too add here. Once the vocal is added I feel quite sure you'll have a great track....just try to get some backbone (bass) into the track.

By the way if you're playing all these keyboard parts yourself they are very good !



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