Downhome Dave
Downhome Dave

Last Call Boogie

album: Dangerous Curves
genre: Blues
streams: 85

Last Call Boogie
11/20/09 09:36:12AM @jackson-hart:
I like cut's like this once in awhile...way much fun...The harp sounds wonderful! Excellent job I'm glad I tuned into this track! -Gary-
12/01/08 07:02:26AM @mark-reed:
What an excellent number, this really moves. Has a tremendous energy about it. Great jive blues and certainly not what I expected. really got going with this track well done
Rob Grant
08/23/08 04:49:59PM @rayon-vert:
Smokin' Harp!!! Great Back up Vocals!! You had me jitter-buggin' in my chair......Man!! I thought the Andrew Sisters were here....VERY COOL!! You really did a super job with this. GREAT Boogie production and superformances, ALL AROUND!!!

08/23/08 07:28:42PM @stratoace:
I love this...super job...


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