Angel's Smile

album: Don't Tell Patti
genre: Rock
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Angel's Smile
04/30/09 12:52:48PM @mark-reed:
Seems like I've missed your page, but it's definitely time to rectify that oversight. This is a very good track. Nice story to the lyrics, with a good delivery. The instrumentals are just what the doctor ordered.Enjoyed this one well done
09/23/08 10:42:59PM @piperon:
Haha, I think I heard this song at the old mix. As always, this passion and lyrics reminds me of my old days - life without worries and trouble - the most comfortable life of all time. But Mother Teresa ever said this "Soul only sparkle in trouble times and not in the comfort of your home". I hold on to this beautiful angelic belief till today and I am suffering daily. God bless you, me and all people on Earth (and not forgetting all the animal too).

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

09/14/08 12:07:40AM @loren:
i remember this gem. just a super song that makes you think. good to have it available again.
09/13/08 06:48:08PM @dellixxa:
Still a damn good song.
Good that you`re back

09/14/08 08:12:34AM @steph-klish:
Cool track good acustic work vocals good as well
Instruments work great
thanks for sharing

Lyrical Princess
03/13/09 02:49:58PM @lyrical-princess:
Beautiful intro that follows with some really great vocals... The instrumental and lyrics are fantastic..
All The Best, lonesome princess


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