Coffe House Venues (It's only a test!!)

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By: DuRod
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Coffe House Venues (It's only a test!!)

<p>Well, my second live performance since getting back into it went pretty well I guess, and I give the praise to my King.&nbsp; But I can now see that if you're going to do a coffee house venue, it should be with a soft, quiet acoustic type music that is kind of more in the background rather than up front and loud.&nbsp; People are there to chat and socialize, along with listening to a little music between conversation.&nbsp; That's just the nature of a coffee house setting I guess; at least most of them.<br />&nbsp; The event wasn't promoted, so basically the only people that showed up were the ones who's kids were practicing for a Christmas presentation in the church next door.&nbsp; Thank God for the childrens practice!!&nbsp; By the time I was getting to my last two or three songs, everyone was already filing out to go get their kids since practice was over.&nbsp; I sang the last song to my wife and the two attendants behind the coffee bar!!&nbsp; Believe me, it can be pretty disheartening to watch everyone slowly disappear before your set is even complete!<br />&nbsp; I kept getting the feeling I should bring my own equipment, but I ignored it and used the existing sound system.........Oh when will I learn to listen to the guidance of His Spirit!!&nbsp; The speakers were spread far enough apart that I needed a monitor to stay in time with the backing tracks.&nbsp; Well, for some reason the monitor was either so quiet I couldn't hear it, or it was so loud that I couldn't hear myself!!&nbsp; Needless to say, when it was down at one of it's low volume levels, I got out of time on one of my songs and couldn't find my way back until a break between verses.&nbsp; The old nerve level really skyrocketed after that.&nbsp; But, now for a highlight; I didn't forget a single line out of 12 songs......HALLELUJAH!!<br />&nbsp; Performing live can present many opportunities to get frustrated and discouraged, but I have decided to ignore the lies of that mangy old devil and to learn and grow from these times rather than let them get me down.&nbsp; I do think, however, that I will stick to performing in churches and at events in the future.&nbsp; But first I will take some time to seek Him and His will for the future and remind myself that I am a child of the Most High God and that alll things work for the good of those that are called according to His purpose.</p>

Farrell Jackson
11/13/08 02:14:49PM @farrell-jackson:
Hi Duane. I'm Farrell Jackson and it's a pleasure to meet you. Your playing live blog caught my eye. I do this a lot, in a 4 piece band setting at all kinds of venues and solo acoustic at coffee houses when things get slow with the band. You're right about coffee houses, you are the background and not the main event. The coffee and conversations are the winners but you can also become the blend of the day. A little talking and interaction with the listener/coffee drinkers (but not too much) goes a long ways with them enjoying your performance but do keep the sound down. I like to use my own set up in the small places, which is usually just a Fender Acoustisonic Jr. amp that is made for the soloist to double as a P.A./monitor and acoustic guitar amp. You also mentioned playing with backing music, I have mixed feeling about that especially in a small coffee house. I would rather see just a guy or gal with their acoustic perform instead of something pre-recorded being added to. To me and just my opinion of course but that makes a more memorable and enjoyable performance.

Don't give up on the live playing or the coffee houses, plus any other places. The more you play out the better you get at it. Good luck with it!



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