1st live performance in 2 yrs.

user image 2008-10-12
By: DuRod
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<p>Didn't do too bad I guess, only forgot a couple of lines and didn't quite cover my E string with my capo on one song and had to quickly correct that mid-song<img src="images/smilies/face-surprise.png" border="0" alt="surprise" title="surprise" />.&nbsp; I forgot what nerves can do to you!!&nbsp; All in all it went really well and it feels great doing live again.&nbsp; Memorizing versus using a song sheet is a WHOLE&nbsp;different world; it certainly gets your adrenaline pumping to a totally different level!&nbsp; Oh the adventures of live performances<img src="images/smilies/face-smile.png" border="0" alt="smile" title="smile" />.<br /><br />Duane</p>

10/13/08 09:53:54PM @blue-sahara:
Hey Duane, wow! Congratulations! I must have misread your email the other day ... I thought your gig will be IN 2 years ... oh my. :-)
Well, really - you can (and should) be mighty proud of yourself ... I would love to chat with you about that one day ... Bravo, my friend!

10/13/08 02:56:57AM @self-tort:
Ah, those memories of those first nights. I remember back in the 70s our band had obtained a residency at a pub and on the first night I was so nervous I was trying to tune my guitar an octave higher than it should have been and was wondering why I was breaking strings. I've been doing a residency as a 1-man band now for about 8 years, but got the chance through a friend who ran a trivia night at the pub. I was just going to play 2 sets of 3 songs whil they tallied up the scores. Couldn't work out why the sound quality was so bad and only one speaker seemed to be working on my pa. Turned out I'd plugged my speaker lead from my PA amp into the trivia guy's PA speakers instead of mine and he saw it and pulled it out not knowing what it was.

But, noone noticed the lousy sound quality and I ended up with a long-term gig.

I sense that you've got the taste for it again, and believe me, when you go back to it, the buzz is much better than it used to be. Congrats on getting out there and doing it.

I have no doubt that we notice far more than the patrons the stuff ups we make.




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