The River -- Lead guitar now in tune!!

user image 2009-04-09
By: DuRod
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The River  --  Lead guitar now in tune!!

<p>Chalk one up for the rookie (me) on his first lead guitar attempt!!!&nbsp; As someone very graciously pointed out, the lead guitar had some parts that were ridiculously out of tune.&nbsp; I knew something didn't sound right!!!&nbsp; Thanks so much James and Warren for pointing that out; once you mentioned it and I looked at it, it stood out like a preacher in a cat house!</p>

04/14/09 08:54:09AM @blue-sahara:
Duane, as mentioned in my review - you sounded really good in there!! I applaud your bravery when taking on the hard task of recording a new instrument! Well done, I'd say it's a successful debut! :-) Too bad though, that your partner jumped off the wagon ...
Great song Duane!


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