Ed Drury
Ed Drury


album: -isms
genre: Ethnic
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Luca Wulf
03/13/10 01:12:32PM @huge-artist:
Congratulations Ed on being Artist Of The Month!!
Well deserved.
If we ever need an ambassador for indepent artists, you would be the man.
You represent all that is best.
It's the spirit of being independent,the imagination,the freedom from fashionable pap and the sheer quality of musicanship.

Like this song,full of life,movement,freedom,class.
The entrance of the flute was blissful.
You should hear how it is filling my room as twilight desends on a cold english day.


04/03/10 11:09:32AM @mark-cloutier:
Ed this is too darn cool! the beat- the spacious bass line' and mesmerizing synth!! love the melody line--tells the story in such a subtle cool way!!Oh the flute takes it over the top!!
Incarnate Word
03/09/10 11:33:00PM @incarnate-word:
Now this is very different and I really dig this. very high energy and I am very impressed with this style of music. This is cool . the production is first class grade A. Excellent Job

Lonesome wolf
03/09/10 03:24:12PM @paul-grimwood:
VICARIOUS I love the sound of different instruments,and the delicate way the guitar is used..this is a pure magic song...Best-Paul
11/30/09 01:46:08PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
This has an impressive feel with so much going on to good effect - I mostly like the deft bass line and punctuated drum track - there is a kind of tension which is not released. Welcome to the Mix Ed. Good showcase. ftlpope
12/03/09 05:01:55PM @death-valley-yacht-club:
I'm a sucker for the sound of a didgeridoo so this one was a real treat. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Thanks for your comments on my tune too. Best regards.

12/26/09 08:52:45PM @tcp:
Great mix of musical textures and influences. Someone mentions unreleased tension and I can hear that too. Really an enjoyable well done track that feels as though it wanders through the subconscious. Good stuff Ed! ..Blake
12/01/09 07:48:40AM @dazed:
Hey Ed!

This has a soundtrack type sound to me. I could easily hear this in a movie during a scene. Very cool sound in here that I have no idea what it is. I like the tune!

12/07/09 09:56:12PM @wrightdude:
Ed... good to see ya dude! Cool groovin track... clean production... Very nice! See ya around! -Jack
12/02/09 07:18:32AM @jackson-hart:
Very cool track ED! Sound track type of song indeed! Well done with the samples! Your song structure is awesome! Enjoyed this! -Gary-


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