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El Melodico

To' Panama

album: The Remix
genre: Merengue
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To' Panama
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04/02/11 06:48:51PM @:
That was just all kinds of fun!! I hear a lot of this kind of music around me and it has grown on me. Now I can get down with it. I loved this, man. Great feel and so refreshing to hear on Mixposure. Great to have you here!
04/02/11 12:52:20PM @josephrodz:
Merengue para guallar la hevilla y la cintura!!!!!!
Welcome to Mixposure.

04/23/11 11:50:17PM @el-melodico:
Hi Alexis,I am so happy to be here with talented musicians like you my friend.Your words are very heart felt and sincere,and I appreciate been around you guys.Thank you for the warm welcome and I will here for a long time to come.Blessings to us all.
04/23/11 11:45:41PM @el-melodico:
Thank you so much BillyD for your warm welcome to this site and your honest comment on my song.It feels good to be here with special people like you guys,with wonderful talents.
God bless us all.

04/23/11 11:42:56PM @el-melodico:
Oye Joseph,no habia visto este comment tuyo.Todavia estoy aprendiendo este site.Gracias mi hermano.


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