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electric mud
electric mud

electric mud - silhouettes floating down a rain-slicked street

Category: Music
Duration: 00:05:18
"silhouttes floating down a rain-slicked street" is a 2020 instrumental composition by the post-progressive rock band electric mud taken from the album "quiet days on earth".
hagen bretschneider: music conceptions, bass playing and video editing
nico walser: all other instruments and sounds, co-composing and audio engineering #postprog#cinamaticprog
electric mud
04/10/21 03:56:21AM @electric-mud:
Warrioth and Rowley:
WOW..absolutely brilliant video!!Amazing!!Great to make it in b/w..works so well.
Title is great..so is song!!We appreciate what you do.
Love it!!

Thanks very much :-)


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