horror themed ep ..the big sleep finished

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By: elektronz
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horror themed ep ..the big sleep finished

after the doing my first interview on the mix which was awesome ,,i decided to write the last track for the big sleep ,,a horror themed ep ...the last track took me about about 4 and a half hours from ideas to final mix ...which is pretty quick even for me lol ...so enjoy the 4 tracks and i hope to do another ep very soon :)

05/05/15 07:55:37AM @elektronz:
lolits was a blast to do ..bit weird hearing your own voice but im getting used to it now so hopefully the next interview will be even better ...you watch this site music thing wont be a horror themed one now after all these tunes ive done ...probably be something not so exciting ...sod it ..whatever it is ill just rename all these tunes appropriately lolol ...theres ways round stuff lol
05/04/15 08:39:20PM @reeker:
Yes I simply forced Sie to do it... For some odd reason he dislikes ghosts in his machines 3:)


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