Ella Blame
Ella Blame

How Things Have Changed

album: Ineffable Desire
genre: Psychedelic
streams: 223
creation date: 2008-04-07

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I forgave you and I knowYou forgave me, too.We had much time to think about,And I know it's trueThat I do love you.We are not perfectAlthough we really...
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Composed and performed by Ella Blame and Michael D. Temple; Lyrics by Ella Blame https://ellablame.bandcamp.com/track/how-things-have-changed
How Things Have Changed
07/29/22 04:32:10PM @bustert:
a thing between triphop and another things: really good voices - yepp!
08/22/16 10:31:20PM @the-truevulgarians:

Very cool track.  I could have selected any of your tunes to leave a comment as I really liked all the material.  Very different and versatile music.  Super vocals... Congrats on a nice collection of songs!

06/29/10 06:30:35PM @dj-jezza:
awesome, lyrics and psy flow. if you want to collab anytime let me know :)

ive taken this track as its so dam good, and added it to my playlist folder for my upcoming dj show here at mix

10/04/08 01:40:08PM @the-sound-of-air:
Superb music.
You really have a great voice!

Phillip Hartley
07/04/08 11:42:37AM @phillip-hartley:
Once again a superb vocal performance on another well crafted track. Love that sliding bass bubbling away in the background here. You arrangements are a joy to the ear.
Road Apples
04/11/08 11:03:20AM @a-cry-of-hounds:
Great vocal tracks...great sound. I really like the pulsating bass. Eclectic vocal style - nice.
04/07/08 11:12:10PM @wrightdude:
Nice smooth vocal style! very cool backing track all the way to the outro! enjoyed!
06/11/11 10:53:46PM @spud:
Just had yet another listen. I can't say enough about this track. Once again, Ella..let me say that this song (esp.the video version,recorded in glorious & fitting black & white) is a true masterpiece.
Thank you for your rich contribution to this genre of music.
ATB, Spud :)


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