Ella Blame
Ella Blame

ZuZu Land

album: Various
genre: Ambient
streams: 197
creation date: 2010-04-14

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Credits: Ella Blame, Michael D. Temple
ZuZu Land
01/01/18 03:47:34PM @ms-p:
Reviewing as I listen...Wonderful opening....Love where this takes my mind. Peaceful and relaxing.
Love muzik like this to drift to at the end of a stress filled day. Takes the stress right off my heart....
The cover? Is that voice coming from that face in the pic? Wow I must say. Very Very nice....

Ms. P

04/16/10 12:13:03PM @mark-reed:
This piece is spell binding, simple with a pure and gentle mood. I'm just going with it super piece
Farrell Jackson
04/14/10 02:22:46PM @farrell-jackson:
Very calming listen indeed. Just what I needed before I give a power point presentation to a group of 50 a half hour from now. Thank you.....


04/14/10 01:50:40PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
This is sounds really wonderful as I watch the sun go down over the City of London through the wide vista of my huge office windows. This is an object lesson in perfect minimalism. Emotional and quite lovely. ftlpope


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