Moja loebimaja (My Love)

album: Journey
genre: Easy Listening
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Moja loebimaja is russian and means : My Love.This second song of the Album Journey is also dedicated to my wife : Almira Askarova. Born in Zlavgarod, Siberië
Moja loebimaja (My Love)
05/09/09 11:20:02AM @mark-reed:
This really is exceedingly smooth. nice feel to it well done enjoyed this one
10/11/08 01:39:25PM @ace-layton:
What a beautiful blend of ambience with a slight light Euro jazz feel to it! Smooth, deep, and totally embracing.


10/11/08 01:38:17PM @test200:
hey, the synths in this just keep getting better and better, smoother and smoother. As the groove pushes forward the synth sounds just cascade around me, really nice combinations. This is the kind of thing that gets inside ya.
10/05/08 01:09:09AM @durod:
Excellent sounds and the mix is really smooth. Nice, easy listening, summer sky feel to it. Great work.


10/01/08 01:17:53PM @tlt50:
Emp......ya' bro, some sweet, extradinary percussion and drums. Love the synth work.....bravo !! Classy work and production...... This baby just oooooozzzzes,,,,,,excellence. !! :-)

Larry T.....

09/29/08 09:47:53PM @ked-records:
this is beyond soundscape.. this is Audio SCULPTURE!!!
What a great flood of etherial sounds.. textures and tastes... The percussion and the gentle sweeps really capture the mind of the listener.. and allow them to relax and enjoy the ride.. GREAT stuff man!

09/29/08 09:59:01AM @mark-cloutier:
why hello there--thans for dropping by--giving a good listen here--love the subtle beginning and then the synth work--like floating on a cloud--what an adventure--calming effect for me!!a real pleasure to meet online!! mark
09/26/08 02:36:02PM @the-autumleaf:
Real nice track ,this gives a dreamy feel, really loved this- Great work

09/26/08 11:53:18AM @idiom:
Nice sweeping sound, and the percussion taking you elsewhere. Nice build into the synths at around 45 secs. Over a bit too sudden, but I love this track so much added to favorites.
Luca Wulf
09/17/08 01:01:18PM @huge-artist:
ooh that keyboard drifting across those rhythms is divine!
Sets a beautiful mood...
Very mucha piece tod rift away to...
Endless daydreams of far away lands or times...
Summertime rhythms...
And over too quickly.
Beautiful piece.

09/14/08 01:48:07AM @ab2:
eheheee, Like this intro very much and the Tabla adds so much...ehheee..Oh, a dream world...very, very pretty....:-)

Peace n love mags :-)

09/15/08 04:33:02AM @ab1:
patrick this is lovely.. fun.. sexy.. like that beat man.. congas are awesome.. and flutes.. love flutes!.. with a nice synth pad.. this is very tropical.. lush warm evening music.. sensual and smooth.. the love groove.. just going to sit back.. let this sooth.. merci bien.. :-)
08/08/08 06:52:05AM @dazed:
nice ambient sound. percussion is working for me as are the keys.

enjoyed it!

FD Project
10/09/08 12:17:33PM @fd-project:
again...clean and glear mix.
Great percussions and warm backround sounds.
Easy listening with chill-factor...i like it !!!

greetings from germany


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