album: Journey
genre: Ambient
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  Song Lyrics
Habitue you are the day I forgot my watch,the shoe lace that snappedas I was racing to somethingthat seems less important now you are the lemon juice kiss...
  Song Information
This song is born out a cooperation between de la Mancha and myself. A contest at FLipside was the trigger.
10/21/17 07:16:16PM @emphyrio:
Many thanks to all reviewers and their nice comments.
10/01/08 03:05:09PM @the-autumleaf:
This sounded really different and nice the Vocal are well spoken and the background score is really excellent It gave a different feel to the song

09/23/08 01:35:37PM @slowmarchingband:
Listening to 'Habitue'... I have to say the mix is really clean/clear.

Excellent soundscape! Love the story-line!

This held me from beginning to end....

09/17/08 04:46:07PM @emphyrio:
Thanks all for the nice reviews.
I also must say that the voice and lyricks aren't mine but de la Mancha's.
(as I stated in the song info ).

Patrick / Emphyrio

09/16/08 05:48:01PM @tcp:
Interesting concept and very solid in every way it can be. Would work well as a soundtrack. Very well conceived and the VO lyrics are excellent as well. Great job!! ~Blake
Luca Wulf
09/16/08 03:28:00PM @huge-artist:
Well Zell,I mean Emphyrio :)
This is an unusual piece...
Beautiful soundscape...
Surrealist words...
You have a real talent for word manipulatin....
Myn guess is,at some point you were a writer,perhaps a poet?
Either way...
Enjoyed the lyrics,and the soundscape was lush.
Nice work Zell :)


09/15/08 07:12:17AM @laurence-harvey:
A very poetic bit of work, i was quite hooked to this, great sound.

all the best for now


09/15/08 07:11:27AM @dazed:
cool tune! lyrics are definitely cool. spoken word works on this one. I also like the nice bass thump.
09/14/08 09:45:38AM @test200:
Very cool concept in this one with the voice over. Excellent mix, simple but effective. Sometimes non-intrusive music like this is good for the soul. Could have easily carried on.
09/14/08 01:49:14AM @ab1:
I like this one a lot emp.. very nice music and beat.. excellent in fact.. it's got a real techno feel to it but very ambient.. the poem is very good.. sounds cool set to music.. a fine listen this early morning..
nice to meet you on mike's radio show last night.. cheers brother.. :-)

09/13/08 07:58:15PM @tlt50:
Yea..... This is awesome. Beautiful,clear production. The spoken words are totally cool. This is such a perfect blend of lyrics and music.Superb creativity...... Bravo,,,,, :-),

Larry T.....

Rob Grant
09/12/08 07:04:17PM @rayon-vert:
Very well produced and arranged......the spoken is awesome. Like this VERY MUCH!!!

09/12/08 04:58:50PM @mike-kohlgraf:
Habitue - WOW - super tune!!! Love the spoken parts ... awesome! The ambient yet rhythmic background is just perfectly done. Everything sits really well with me in this mix... Very interesting tune. I DIG IT!!!


09/12/08 04:34:34PM @emphyrio:
Thank U all for those kind words.
Emphyrio :)

09/12/08 04:58:59AM @ab2:
Like the lyrics good style...and spoken here I think with more effect than they would have had they been sung...great beats to narrate to...
Innovative, enjoyable..

Peace n love mags :-)

FD Project
10/09/08 12:13:17PM @fd-project:
What a mix...clean and clear.
Atmospheric sounds and a wonderful cooooool voice.
Topwork my friend.

greetings from germany


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