A-void Me

album: Journey
genre: Electronic
streams: 311

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Fiddeling with rytm and harmonics.trying to find a good balance by playing with the mastering.
A-void Me
01/16/10 09:47:00AM @a-boy-called:
Trancey and bouncey. Travelling at erratic speeds through the cosmos until whomp around 1.53 & 3.17 we're shipped off in a total different direction. Class A piece of music that would be welcome in my house any day.
01/20/09 07:03:08PM @emphyrio:
Due a a terrible event on the 12 oct 2008, in between listening too Mike's radio....I wasn't able to wisch U all a merry Xmas and Happy New Year !

The reason (in short) that I m overdue to this, is because "they" set my house on fire and I lost everything.

I'm back again and trying to get on full speed soon. Emphyrio :)

12/05/08 08:16:29AM @the-autumleaf:
Cool Production and intersting sound ....... Love the use of synth here liked the change around 1:50 ..Excellent Work
regards Jay from the Autumnleaf

10/06/08 05:59:35AM @ab2:
Ohhh, so I did miss this one...I needed something like this one at the moment...you sure know how to get that flow..!!!! I`d love to let my hair down and dance to this one...ehheee..Damn, this is one almighty listen..:-) A-Void Me...No way ..:-) This is an incredibly clever piece of music...Loved the listen..:-)

Peace n love mags :-)

sly puppy
09/29/08 06:38:59AM @emocion:
A void me. Interesting title.

I am only a machine ? : questions within words.

I like the filter work a lot in this track agianst those drums that are so unexpected for this genre.Theres a distortion element to those drums that I really liked......wierdness continues with the symphonic breakdown section ...glitches and deep swells.Neat.

You have chosen some real nice sounds here : they have retro feeling that works really nicely agianst the bang upto date drum treatment and filtered musings........production - well its not always easy to give these kinds of sounds space and time to flow through a complete mix but you have done a great job here.

I enjoyed it : just wish I'd not taken down I am only a machine ? so you'd not think what the hells he on about LOL


09/28/08 04:19:18PM @blue-sahara:
Aaah, yes! I really like the way you produce your songs, Patrick! they have a lot of depth and your choice of synth is spot on. 'Avoid Me' reminds me a bit of a modern-day Giorgio Moroder. Wonderful dance floor music (even my wife started to tap to the beat ... ). Congratulations!

Paul Oakley
09/28/08 11:26:24AM @paul-oakley:
Driving beat, cool synths (love the bass at 2:12!) and nice changes throughout. Like Nigel said, would make a good soundtrack as well. Nice work!!


09/26/08 12:05:10PM @terry-ponder:
Great production, had my butt bouncing in the chair from note one. Great track.


09/24/08 02:07:06PM @ab1:
love this.. this is very catchy electronic music.. this is really DJ material.. I would be diggin this in a live setting.. really gets me pumped.. just boppin with it.. some cool mood changes.. awesome fades and sweeps.. this reminds me of friends.. who also are creating new electronic trends.. bet i'll be seeing you in the spotlight bro.. avec plaisir.. formidable!.. :-)
Luca Wulf
09/20/08 11:53:08AM @huge-artist:
Where did the rest of my review go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I mentioned how much I had enjoyed this piece and hopw it reminded me of the "Cat People" film.
Gergio Morder did the soundtrack for that,and I could well imagine this in a film soundtrack.

Really a top notch piece mate.
Greatly enjoyed.


Luca Wulf
09/20/08 11:51:43AM @huge-artist:
Atmospheric and energetic opening...
Curious about the title...
Would make a very good suontrack piece IMHO.

09/20/08 11:47:50AM @vesa:
This really has a wonderful full sound. I dig the percussives, makes me sway my head and move my shoulders. Great tempo changes esp. with that cool organ and bellowing synth. Very cool the way you juxtaposition the instruments and sounds, like voices, slash sounds, spacey sounds, percussion, and synth variations. It really adds interest & is most enjoyable to lay back and listen to. GREAT arrangement.
SUPERB production Emphyrio. Loved it.
Your friend -Vesa.

09/20/08 01:53:50AM @tlt50:
Love your production on this track.Some very unigue and original type sounds.You've made this a great listen, with classy ideas and superb execution..... Well done,

Larry T......

09/26/08 09:17:48AM @test200:
I just love filter work on synths, diggin the way you opened it up here. I like the minor progression, keeps it a little different. My speakers are pumpin to this mix, good one. Lots of nice subtle changes in the groove, but the 303 sound still dances through and I like that.


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