The Next Big Thing

genre: Funk
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A subtle mixture of rock and funk. 
The Next Big Thing
01/04/12 01:25:56PM @tobin-james:
That's some sweet, up-the-gut Funk. Love it! My wife is laughing at me right now for dancing in front of the computer...
09/20/10 07:49:37PM @alividlife:
Bow chicka wow wow...
Hey where's the golden tambourine!?!?!?
Dug the harmonization thingamajig... Dunno if I remember that being there?...
Anyhow... Golden Tambourine DAMNIT!

09/16/10 03:49:55PM @ml-jones:
Hey Big thing,

Xcellent bang on funk sound, love the guits, right up my alley!


Rob Grant
09/16/10 09:22:52AM @rayon-vert:
Very much liked this track. I loved the instrumentation arrangement. Some real nice bass work :-) VERY NICE!!! At work now, so I'll have to come back for the download. THANKS for sharing.

09/14/10 10:06:15AM @cooter:
Oh yeah! This is funky, and I am diggin it. Top-drawer tune and production. Just enough scratching thrown in to add flavor, but not overdone, to my ears. And here come the midi horns, cool. Bass line is killer, something you always do so well.

Second time through and loving it. You got the gift, Eshar. Outstanding piece of work.

09/12/10 01:47:58PM @bigpete:
Elaine your in the groove girl, again some Funktastic music, put together by the queen of funk producers, the Big E.
09/12/10 07:03:42AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Yep I really liked the groove and combination of sounds all working well together. ftlpope
09/08/10 07:13:57PM @eshar:
Thanks Gary...your comments are much appreciated :)
09/08/10 07:12:35PM @gary-reed:
Great up-beat tune. A pleasure to listen to. Great mix of instruments.
Jasmine Tea
09/11/10 10:26:15AM @jasmine-tea:
"Words fail me. Music never does." Love that thought, and I'm lovin this tune! So much energy! Just what I needed to get me going this morning. :)


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