The Long and the Groove

album: The Long and the Groove
genre: Funk
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I had a break from making music for a while, but when I returned to it, it was always going to be funk.
The Long and the Groove
the soul provider
08/23/11 10:55:07PM @the-soul-provider:
Wow, wickedly superb.. soul filled, groovy, funky sexy sensual, hot and really stimulating, down and dirty.. music...that gives me tingles and great vibrations.. and makes me feel so good. exceptional playing.. talented guys
08/28/11 05:30:04PM @cooter:
And funk it is. Mighty fine funk, too. Oh sooo nize. A joy listening.


08/28/11 01:41:20PM @bigpete:
My Queen Of Soul is back, so this is where you hang when Looperman is down, lol, down dirty funk, get down and boogie the Queen is back, God Bless The Queen, peace.


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