Something Funky

album: Everybody Loves Funk
genre: Funk
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A fun and funky funk instrumental which was inspired by me hearing alividlife's great funk loops and knowing I had to make a track to do them justice.
Something Funky
11/25/10 08:22:56PM @miguel-a-wilder:
I had to come by and show some love to you and this track. Very nicely done.
11/24/10 07:45:03AM @jusananomaly:
Hey funky soul queen...(bows like a the like pleasant i am)...this is talking and walking all over the place. great job.
11/24/10 02:35:39AM @bilbozo:
Rockin the Nation with that Funk Foundation ! Whatta groove happening here. Love the guitar tones and licks to accompany the funkiest bass lines I have heard. This just has solid groove ! - Bilbozo
11/23/10 09:57:19PM @tlt50:
You do love the I do :)) ! Superbly arranged....sweet production....!! Incredible, good time feel, to this,,, ENJOYED SUPERB !!

All the best,

Larry T

11/23/10 11:31:46AM @allenv:
Very good Elaine!I love that bass and the stereo fx is quite a ride through the headphones...and you have guitar,my kinda song.Nice touch at the very end with the guitar fade.


06/23/11 10:45:04AM @lkutsera:
Something Funky, awesome stuff happening here! Les. We should try and work on a tune together if you are up for it? Les PS. this is right up my alley. Love the Funk!
11/24/10 06:12:08PM @dj-waper:
Veeeeeery funky.... amazing arranged, mixing and beat. Sweet melody...



11/24/10 07:37:59PM @cooter:
Oh yeah... now dat's what I'm talkin bout! Love the bassline... love the tune, for that matter. Once again, you've got me toe tappin and dancing around, Elaine.

The funk is dripping off this tune like rain off the leaves of a tree. I would say you did in fact do the loops justice, ma'am.

One of your growing number of fans,



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