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Ocean Memories

album: Electronic Dreams
genre: New Age
streams: 100
creation date: 2013-05-08

  Song Information
Track from my first Album "Electronic Dreams" (2003)
Ocean Memories
Lyrical Princess
07/23/13 01:48:32AM @lyrical-princess:
I was drawn in by the title "Ocean Memories".. I just love the sound she sings while shes washing up the shore.. Her beauty that always shines.. And I have never a bad Ocean Memory.. This is so relaxing, if I were to close my eyes, I might feel sand between my toes, smell the fragrance that the Ocean brings & feel a gentle breeze.. But, then I'd have to open them & face reality.. So instead I have just sat hear & listened, and let the music just drift me away for a few moments..And enjoyed.. I love this.. A real treasure.. Thank you for sharing ..

All The Best,

05/09/13 06:09:55PM @kalola-kiss:
I love where this takes me. I love the space this occupies.

05/16/13 09:16:55AM @john-frederick:
Very nice song the way its put together great job. Enjoyed listening


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