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FD Project

Perfect World (Demo)

album: Space - Room
genre: Electronic
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August 2012...
Perfect World (Demo)
09/04/12 01:12:26PM @kalola-kiss:
Soothing to my soul. Pleasing to my ears. I love how this gets inside and stirs my emotions. Wonderful tune.
09/04/12 11:21:19PM @mr-p:
I have one word for this stuff of yours FD.
Scrumpdilisiously wonderful. Okay that's two words.
Great ear candy. My ears have had their fill of the sweetness of this massively touching, moving, insomnia killing tuneage.
I love it. Wish I could download it into my collection.
Great for relieving stress. Hot. Hot. Hot. My kind of Muzik!
Mr. P


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