Figures At Dawn
Figures At Dawn
Figures At Dawn


album: Figures At Dawn
genre: Pop
streams: 44
creation date: 2022-04-08

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Falling, FallingYou're so far away Wishing, WishingHoping you'll stayDreaming, DreamingIn sleep I layVision of nightReturning at day There's a placeIn my...
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The song was trimmed for the album. I have restored the full 5 min. 51 sec. version, the way we would have played it live. Falling (c) 1985 Figures Music....
Figures At Dawn
04/08/22 08:04:56PM @figures-at-dawn:
Thanks man. Not all our recordings could be transferred for the original 16 track tape after 30+ years. Im glad this one survived
Farrell Jackson
04/08/22 06:55:25PM @farrell-jackson:
Extra nice Paul and Figures at Dawn! The sax, singer, well... the whole band sounds great! A really good mix!


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